• Rebecca

Useful or Beautiful Results!

The results from the 'Useful or Beautiful' challenge are in! UAL launched the challenge to encourage a creative response to the challenge of recycling and reducing waste.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the competition is CSM student Jody Leach. Students and colleagues responded well to the challenge, producing a variety of work including key rings made from recycled household plastic waste, planters made from broken mannequins and clothing from scrap fabrics.

Jody made a shelf unit inspired by a discarded piece of artwork found in the loading bay of Kings Cross. The MA Industrial Design student combined it with two discarded bar stools to make a new piece of furniture, explaining: “I wanted the piece to display the former life of the art, yet be functional.”

As a reward for winning the challenge to create something either useful or beautiful for (re)use across UAL, Jody has been offered a voucher to a London workshop to 'Make your Own Terrarium' – a self-contained plant eco-system based in a glass jar or bowl.

Jody Leach's winning entry.

Stephen Reid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Chief Operating Officer), said: “I am delighted that the Useful or Beautiful initiative generated such interest, with 12 teams from across the entire university coming together to produce a creative response to the issue of recycling. The University Operating Board was impressed with each shortlisted entry, but members were particularly taken with how Jody was able to repurpose materials that are normally difficult and expensive to recycle”.

Take a look at all the entries in the Useful or Beautiful gallery. A selection of photos are shown below.