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Green Week 2019

There's loads of events taking place this Green Week - take a look on Canvas to find something you're interesting in attending. Green Week is taking place 11th - 15th Feb.

As well as the Useful or Beautiful challenge taking place throughout the week there all sorts of events to take part in. Here's just a handful of them -

Green Week Talk: Climate Change Patterns - Dr Simon Morley, British Antarctic Survey, will introduce you to his research, which focusses on understanding the patterns we see in nature. His talk will discuss patterns that define the Southern Ocean and how these vary across time and space.

Experimental Natural Dye Workshop - Learn to process plants for natural dyeing to create beautiful effects on fabric using colours from a range of natural sources.

Recycling Plastics Workshop - Make your own recycled HDPE plastic sample to take away with you, learning the steps to recycle plastic into something new, just bring some HDPE plastic items that you no longer need, such as milk/shampoo bottles.

Alternative Futures: Creativity and a circular economy - The day-long symposium at CSM aims to interrogate the role of art and creativity in forging an alternative vision of the future, specifically that which employs circularity as a possible framework for the distribution of wealth, and the production and consumption of materials.

For details of all the events including how to book, please look on Canvas.

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