Managing energy use: What happens if we see a substantial increases in energy usage?


Site Increase Register & Site Increase Analysis.


UAL monitors energy consumption at each site monthly. This ensures we can quickly identify and, where possible, stop, energy increases. 


Our energy monitoring interface, the Carbon Dashboard, is updated every month. It automatically posts an elect if a site has undergone a decrease or increase on last years' energy consumption. If there has been a chnage of less than 5%, the site data is simply processed as usual.


However, there is an increase in usage of over 5%, the site undergoes more rigourous analysis. We look at the half hourly data recorded for each site to determine the reason for the increase. Using this method we have found increases from:

  • leaks in water reticulation in the air conditioning system

  • incorrect operation of the heating/cooling system

  • incorrect time operation of automatic building systems

Once the cause has been identified, we can determine the best course of action to remedy this. 


We keep a register of these analyses so that we can more efficiently investigate the next increase. We will then monitor that site in the following months to ensure the process has been effective.